Double Taxation Agreement Slovenia

As a result, double taxation of individuals is more common, making the application of double taxation agreements more important. The main objectives of entering into double taxation agreements are to avoid international double taxation of the same income and capital, to prevent tax evasion and discrimination, and to resolve tax disputes. In practice, double taxation agreements on income and capital are often referred to as «conventions,» «agreements,» «tax treaties.» Bulgaria Bulgarian tax agreements and international agreements On the following website, you will find more detailed information on the taxation of residents based on global income, the taxation of non-residents in Slovenia, the taxation of foreigners in real estate and personal property, the refund of VAT by leaving Slovenia, the distance sale, the explanatory notes of the implementation of the tax conventions and EU directives , claiming privileges through international contracts to avoid double taxation of income, etc. From 2005, Slovenian residents will be subject to global income tax (i.e. in Slovenia and abroad), which means that taxation is now more based on the taxation of income and capital, regardless of the source of income or the location of the capital. Non-residents are required to pay income tax on income sourced in Slovenia, as well as on capital located in Slovenia. On the basis of the above, the base of those subject to innocence has expanded considerably in Slovenia, particularly for all Slovenian residents who earn different incomes abroad. On the other hand, the increasing globalization of the global economy is increasing capital, labour or trade across our country`s borders, which means that more and more non-residents are earning different incomes in Slovenia. Specific provisions apply to border workers in the following double taxation conventions: after independence, Slovenia adopted certain double taxation agreements concluded by the former Republic of Yugoslavia; others were concluded by Slovenia. Slovenia continues to conclude double taxation agreements, so the number of double taxation agreements currently in force has already increased to 50 and above. .

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