<<Glittering sound warriors that gravitate your ear rock module orbits with luscious, gaping, atmospheres of dream pop, psychedelic, alternative, indie rock to post-punk electronic glamour. >>  ( )
<<Unsuspected no sólo busca el triunfo de ritmos nuevos, de letras que se hallen en consonancia con lo actual, sino que también se mueve en ese limbo que separa la música tradicional del nuevo espectro en el que se maneja.>> ( Elios Mendieta, Diario Jaen )
<<Sorprendente la soltura de estos veinteañeros al transitar por caminos inéditos en este país y es que resulta difícil encontrar otra banda en toda la geografía nacional que practique un dream pop de tan alta factura […] >> ( Cristobal Rivero, ) 


Unsuspected is a young Granada-Malaga band led by Eva Ramírez and Lucas Díaz whose completely original music is on the border between alternative pop, the most primitive electronic and avant-garde rock; accompanied by high doses of psychedelia. His latest work is an ambitious project, daring, evocative and with a lot of identity: “Listen Time Space” (WeAreWolves records 2015) has been received with great admiration by the public. The creativity that overflows in his proposal generates in the spectator a fantastic and very exciting experience. They have been touring various cities in Spain and Poland, thus expanding their international horizons.



Behind the name Unsuspected are Eva Ramírez and Lucas Díaz who, with only 19 years, begin to give life to the project in the summer of 2010 in their native Nerja. Between trips from Malaga to Granada and vice versa has been built an artistic project, daring, evocative, with identity.

From all this came a first demo and LP: “I dropped the heart” (2012) ,both completely self-produced. Later, with the support and collaboration of Rafael Pastor on drums, they develop the latest work as an interdisciplinary project published in EP format and titled “Listen Time Space” (2015) . Also recorded, produced and mixed by themselves. Some listeners think that the potential of this proposal sooner or later will have an impact. They are currently working on what will be their next album.

Una experiencia fantástica, una travesía que roza la ciencia ficció– Psicodelia congelada, ecos inquietantes, retrofuturismo electrificado: el nuevo trabajo de Unsuspected.”  Eva Ramírez en 2015 sobre “Listen Time Space”.



Their Live Shows in which through the game of the expectation influenced by diverse genres and disciplines, usually generate a pleasant surprise in the spectator. In special events, visual elements are combined to live music: an exciting experience, almost synesthetic, comparable to cinema. Various musicians and artists have participated throughout the existence of the project.

Preferential influences are on avant-garde rock, environmental pop, psychedelia and electronics, tending on the one hand to experiment and on the other to seek the aesthetic sense. There are more underground labels in which this proposal can fit like dream pop or shoegaze. Eva’s voice is wrapped in a very particular atmosphere strongly influenced by the sound and psychedelia of the 60s; and the earliest electronics. His list of references is very numerous: Broadcast, Pram, Stereolab, Air, Björk, Velvet Underground & Nico, The United States of America, Radiohead; and composers and producers such as Joe Meek, David Holmes, Ennio Morricone or Delia Derbyshire. This proposal is in line with current groupings such as Grizzly Bear, La Femme, Melody Echo’s Chamber. They are also interested in the constant renewal, the visual and the search for identity; by “do it yourself” (DIY).


So far they have given international and national concerts; by provinces and Spanish cities such as Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, Jaén, Cádiz, Murcia, Cartagena and Madrid (where they were one year); among them several interdisciplinary concerts and a “Sound Experience” (live installation). They have been finalists in the Shop2rock 2011 contests (Germany) and semifinalists in Guarrock 2011, in Malaga Crea Rock 2014, Emergentes – Planta Baja 2015 and 2016 (Granada), finalists of the Desencaja Program as part of the Monkey Week 2015 festival programming and semifinalists in III Forum Music. They traveled to Poland in July 2016 to participate in the Polish festival “Uwolnic Muzyke”. They have worked with promoters such as Mizake Prod, SON Estrella Galicia, Musiserv, Rootsound or Entreruedas, thanks to which they have performed in venues such as the Caja Granada Theater with the artist Sophie Auster.

They have presented their songs from the last album in several Radio 3 programs with the support of WeAreWolves Records, the record label of I am dive, publishing in physical format, and as the first record reference the latest work of the group.


Phone numbers: [+34] 695542695