Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement

Human Resources Canada (HRDC) is required to support Gwich`s self-management agreement and efforts through its existing programs and AHRDA, and to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Gwich on their AHRDA activities or activities. HRD officials at the NWT often contact AHRDA officials to discuss operational issues, clarify and define various AHRDA clauses, and advise on the implementation aspects of the funding agreement. A Canada Human Resources Centre is located in Inuvik and provides employers and job seekers with information on the programs and services available to HRDC and the Human Resources Centre. The IGF has shown great interest in transferring land and resources to the GNWT. These discussions were based on the Memorandum of Understanding on the Sharing of Resources and Resources, approved in May. The mandate to negotiate decentralization was approved by the leaders of the Aboriginal summit in February. Section 24.1.4 of the agreement provides a method of monitoring the cumulative impact of land and water use on the environment in the Mackenzie Valley and regular and independent environmental assessments to be published. Part VI of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (MVRMA) requires the competent authority to collect and analyze scientific data, traditional knowledge and other relevant information to control the cumulative environmental impact of the simultaneous and sequential use of Mackenzie Valley land and water and waste. Fort McPherson was declared a National Historic Site (NHS) in 1969 and in 1977 a commemorative plaque was erected on site to explain the reasons for the eviction. The name does not mention the teetl`it Gwich`in, however.

Recognizing this gap, GSCI, in partnership with Parks Canada and a PhD student at the University of Alberta, worked with the Fort McPherson NHS Steering Committee to extend the current name to the Teetl`it Gwich in perspective. A number of oral history interviews on the significance of the site were conducted and a report was prepared recommending that a new commemorative plaque be written and installed on site. The committee also identified other possible locations for the NHS commemoration within the Gwich` teetl`it in the traditional land use area. Commemorations at these sites will continue in the new fiscal year. The Board of Directors is mandated to ensure the conservation, development and use of land and water resources within the GSA in a manner that provides the optimal benefits for current and future residents of the GSA, Mackenzie Valley and all Canadians.