Hours Of Work Averaging Agreement Alberta

An assistant manager may occasionally make a temporary change to the work plan that has not been requested by the employee if he makes a 2-week delay available to the employee (s). If a change is made with less than 2 weeks` notice, all hours of work of more than 7.25 hours (or other normal daily hours for the employee classification) that were not included in the previous schedule are calculated in overtime. There are exceptions when the change was made because: the average overtime is calculated as if staff had worked the remaining positions planned during the average period (the rules of the day or average period apply). Employers may require or allow workers to work modified hours through a funding agreement. Existing means agreements remain as soon as possible: workers working under a HWAA are entitled to casual leave for each year of employment: overtime is calculated on a daily or annual average basis. Employers can choose one of two options. A HWAA group may be concluded at the request of a group of employees or an assistant director, with the approval of the agreement, with the support of the majority of the staff concerned. If there is a group agreement, all new employees recruited in the workplace are considered to be willing to give their consent and are bound by the agreement. Leave for workers working under a HWAA is determined by the increase in their right to annual leave: employers are not prevented from making changes to the worker`s work programme, but it still takes 24 hours of change of position and 8 hours of rest between positions. If staff perform hazardous work or are responsible for the care or custody of persons, the Assistant Director receives an assessment of working conditions that takes into account the lengthening of working time by the Occupational Safety and Health Commission, the Public Service Commission, before accepting a HWAA. Average hours of work can be worked between a worker or a group of workers and their employer.

HWAA requires a written agreement with specific conditions, including a work plan indicating every working day and the number of hours worked on each of these workdays during the average programming period. Unlike the FAA, if a HWAA application group, all new employees who are hired in the group after the HWAA, are considered consent and are bound by the terms of the HWAA.